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Provident Property Management

As a rental property owner you’re used to dealing with urgent or inconvenient issues springing up at any moment. Like that one property you worked so hard to restore. Well, it turns out that the tenants weren’t the shiniest of the bunch. Some damage was done and apparently now the cops are involved.

Managing your own property can be overwhelming; having to monitor everything from maintenance to compliance issues, to on time payments, etcetera. This takes dedication, resources and most of all, time. A lot of it. But hey, property management comes with a 24/7 commitment. Right? Wrong! At least, it doesn’t have to.

Enter Provident Property Management. Renting property doesn’t have to be so bad. With Provident Property Management, renting your property is headache free and can save you money, loads of time and a whole lot of hassle.

We have the experience and dedication to insure superior property management. And we take care of everything: compliance, advertising, marketing, collecting, inspecting, prepping, walk-throughs, screening, reviewing, signing, briefing, enforcing, scheduling, unlocking, accounting, filing, maintenance. Doesn’t it just make sense?

Many have chosen Provident Property Management for a reason and you can too. Shorter vacancies, qualified tenants, lower eviction rates, quality affordable maintenance, and overall a better experience for everyone.

Please give us a call at (408) 995-5900 for a FREE rental property evaluation.
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Provident Property Management – Silicon Valley’s Trusted Property Manager

Provident Property Management is a family owned real estate firm that serves Santa Clara County and the greater Silicon Valley from its offices in the Willow Glen business district of San Jose. If you’re looking for an excellent property management team to care for your rental home or to manage your entire portfolio of rental properties, you’ve come to the right place.

Provident Property Management (logo) - Property Manager in San Jose, California

This fun video explores just a few of the ways that a great property manager can benefit you as a real estate investor. From taking the head aches out of property management to maximizing your return on investment, we’ve got you covered.

And our entire team is committed to your success!