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Services Provided

  • Tenant Screening

    Knowing that having the right people is the key to a successful tenancy, Provident Property Management screens applicants using the most current application forms and processes. We screen prospective tenants using background investigations, eviction histories, credit checks, reference checks, and income verification; assuring you that you have the right people from the beginning.

  • Lease Negotiations

    We assist with every detail of leasing to your new tenants. This offers you the assurance that your interests are protected through our use of the latest rental agreements and comprehensive addenda; thus assuring compliance with all relevant local, state and federal laws while at the same time protecting your rights as a property owner.

  • Property Condition Verification

    We provide digital documentation of property condition upon move-in and move-out.

  • Advertising & Marketing

    We actively market your property using the multiple listing service and online marketing tools that expose properties to the greatest number of well qualified prospective tenants.

  • Competitive Fees

    You will receive great service at very competitive fees, providing you with outstanding value and a confidence that you are getting the most out of your rental property.

  • Solid Realtor Relationships

    We maintain strong and active relationships with the Bay Area’s premier real estate brokerages assuring your property exposure to prospective tenants who may come to find your property through a good old fashion human relationship with their realtor.

  • Property Turnovers

    We carefully oversee every aspect of tenant move-ins and move-outs, inspections and turnovers, rent collections and bill payment.

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    We offer highly efficient and cost effective handling of all maintenance requests and necessary repairs; using vendors with whom we have established relationships and often receiving on your behalf discounted pricing that is unavailable to the average consumer.

  • Project Management

    When needed, we assist with the oversight of larger remodeling and maintenance projects in preparation for renting or selling your properties.

  • Emergency Hotline

    Through our emergency hotline we handle all emergency calls and repairs 24/7/365; so you can relax and know that your property is being cared for around the clock.

  • Monthly Statements

    Each month you will receive your disbursement with a detailed and easy to read management report, so you can see exactly how your property is being cared for.

  • Property Showings and Open Houses

    A professional representative of our firm will schedule and meet all prospective tenants at your property giving it the finest representation and your greatest chance of success in finding great tenants.

  • Online Marketing and Maximum Market Exposure

    In today’s fast paced and mobile world it is critical that the professional agents you’re working with utilize the fullest spectrum of tools for making sure your property is advertised to the greatest number of good prospective tenants. Our web based management systems syndicate your listing to over a hundred different sites.

  • Move In / Move Out Inspections

    Our staff digitally records your property condition at the start of every tenancy with literally hundreds of pictures and a Move In / Move Out form that is signed by both the property manager and the tenant. We want everyone to acknowledge the property’s good condition in order to avoid any disagreements upon move out.

  • Timely Rent Collections

    Our goal is to make the paying of rent easy and seamless. Tenants are able to pay their rent online, through the mail or in person. Your rents are collected on time. Delinquencies are not tolerated. And your income property can remain just that.

  • Serving Notices

    No one likes the stress associated with missing rents or broken promises. We handle this headache for you and we’ll post the legal notices on your behalf to help straighten things out. You don’t have to call the tenant…we will. You don’t have to post and mail that ugly three day notice to pay rent or quit…we will.

  • Initiating and Coordinating Evictions

    We use professional legal services if/when it becomes necessary to do an eviction. It is critical that every detail of the timing and process are attended to properly. You will be consulted prior to it moving forward and you’ll be kept informed all along the way.

  • Franchise Tax Board Withholdings

    California State law mandates that out of state owners either receive a waiver from withholdings or the property manager is required to withhold a percentage of the earnings and submit them to the FTB. We help you obtain the necessary waivers and/or coordinate making these payments for you, so you can rest assured that all of your legal tax obligations are being met properly.

  • 1099s Provided to All Vendors

    All businesses and vendors who are paid $600 or more over the course of a year are required to be sent a 1099 form at the end of the year, showing the amount paid. We handle this for you.

  • Annual Year-End Statements and Owner 1099s

    One of the greatest benefits of owning investment real estate are the tax write offs associated with it. Each year you will receive a final year-end statement and 1099 that gives you and your tax professional all of the details you need to get the best tax treatment of your investment.

  • Direct Deposit to Owner’s Bank Account

    Our computerized accounting systems make it easy for you to receive you monthly disbursements of rent proceeds. With your authorization, we can deposit your money directly into your bank account. No waiting for the check to arrive and no need to make a special run to the bank. We can handle that for you.

Read our property owner’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn more.