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Tenant Charges

Open communication is critical to the success of any relationship. We want your tenancy with Provident Property Management to be a mutually satisfying success. As a prospective or current tenant in a property managed by our firm, we hope that you will read through these policies and procedures. It contains important information about charges that a tenant may incur.

The term “rent” is sometimes misunderstood. In order to be very clear, please understand that when mentioned in your Lease Agreement “rent” shall mean all monetary obligations of Tenant to Landlord under the terms of a lease agreement, except for the security deposit.

Rent payments received by Landlord shall be applied to the earliest amount(s) due or past due. If any payment is returned for non-sufficient funds (“NSF”) or because tenant stops payment, then, after that: Landlord may, in writing, require all future rent be paid only by money order or cashier’s check.

Monthly Tenant Administration Fee – The Tenant shall be responsible for a monthly administrative fee of $8 to be paid at the time rent is paid. This monthly fee covers the costs associated with processing checks, online payments, tenant portal access, online maintenance requests, electronic statements, 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline and monitoring tenant liability insurance compliance.

Additional Tenant Charges – The Tenant may incur additional tenant charges for actions or requests that result in additional work required of the property manager. These fees may be incurred by the Tenant for actions in violation of the Lease Agreement or for requests which require additional action by the property manager or Landlord that go beyond normal or routine operations as described in the Lease Agreement.

Tenant fees may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 3-Day Notice Posting Fee– a Tenant charge of $75 shall apply each time a Notice is posted for non-payment of rent, insufficient funds or any other violation of the terms of this Agreement by the Tenant.
  • Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit Posting Fee – any Tenant action that might warrant the property manager posting a Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit may incur a charge of $75 per incidence.
  • Lease Modification – the addition or removal of a Tenant from the lease agreement or any other lease modification shall incur a fee of $75 for each item.
  • Violation of Home Owner Association’s (HOA) Rules and Regulations – there will be a $100 charge per incidence when the Landlord or property manager are contacted by the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) regarding a Tenant violation of the HOA Rules and Regulations. This is considered a breach of contract and may also be subject to the posting of a Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit. Additionally, violation of the HOA Rules and Regulations may be grounds for eviction.
  • Inspection to Confirm Lease Compliance – a fee of $125 will be charged when an inspection or visit to the property is needed to confirm the Tenant has cured a lease violation, breach of contract, HOA violation or noncompliance issue.
  • Coordination of Repairs or Cleaning – a fee will be charged if the property manager needs to coordinate vendors or service providers because of (i) damage to the property by Tenants or guests; or (ii) due to the negligence of Tenant in properly caring for or cleaning premises; or (iii) due to the inability of the Tenant to complete their move out and cleaning responsibilities at the end of tenancy. If the property manager needs to coordinate this service on behalf of the Tenant there will be a $50 charge per item or service coordinated.
  • Missed Appointment / Trip Charges / Denied Access – Tenant may be charged a $125 fee if they miss an appointment with a scheduled repair vendor causing the vendor to need to make another trip. Tenant will also be responsible for any trip charge fee charged by the vendor. This fee shall also apply if a vendor comes to repair an item at the property and is denied access.
  • Tenant Residential Liability Insurance – If Tenant fails to provide Landlord written proof of Tenant Liability Insurance or renewal certificate, Landlord is authorized to purchase Landlord’s Required Resident Liability insurance policy (“LRRL”) on behalf of the Tenant and the cost of the insurance and processing fee will be charged to the Tenant and included in the monthly rent. LRRL is designed to fulfill the insurance requirement of the Lease Agreement.
  • Accidental Lockouts – Being locked out of the Property is the sole responsibility of the Tenant(s) and is not considered an emergency. Tenant shall, at own expense, contact a locksmith to address a lockout. In the event Tenant is locked out during management office hours, Landlord may (if available) open Property. Tenant will be charged a $95 fee for this service. Alternatively, Tenant may borrow a key from management office during regular office hours to gain access to the Property and/or to make a copy of the key. A $25 refundable cash deposit will be required for any key borrowed from the office. Key must be returned within 24 hours or the cash deposit will be forfeited. Otherwise, the Tenant(s) will need to call a locksmith for access. In no case shall the Landlord be held responsible for the working order of any key or lock that may have been altered without their knowledge or consent.
  • Replacement Key – if a key is lost or damaged, a replacement key may be obtained from the Landlord at the cost of $35/key. For proprietary keys, such as pool or common area which must be obtained through the HOA, Tenant shall be responsible for the actual cost of the key, the fee charged by the HOA and an administrative processing fee of $35.
  • Failure to Switch Utilities – Tenant is responsible for transferring utilities into name effective on Lease Commencement Date and out of their name at the end of the lease. If Tenant does not contact service providers and thus requires the action of the property manager, a processing fee of $50 per utility will be assessed for each billing cycle.
  • Administration of Breach of Contract / Early Termination – in addition to expenses and charges mentioned in other areas of this Agreement (section 4.1 and throughout) pertaining to a breach of contract or early termination of the Agreement, the Tenant will also be responsible to pay the property manager’s expenses of administration in relation to the breach/early termination. This fee shall be either half of one month’s rent or $1000, whichever is greater.
  • Re-Issuance of Check – if Tenant requests a re-issuance of a check due to slow mail, or inadequate address provided for post-tenancy mailing address or for any other reason that may be deemed the Tenant’s responsibility, there will be a fee of $65 charged to the tenant to cover the costs of a stop payment on the original check and of re-issuing another check. Tenants may also make arrangements to pick up checks from Will Call at the property management office.